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A ride on the thela to the book world

  • By Yours Truly, Thela Wala

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic.’

Amen. Stephen King couldn’t have put it in better words.

When we read, we fall back into a world far, far away from the hustle bustle of our daily mundane existence. With each turn of a page, we travel beyond borders, time, space – unrestrained and uninhibited – into the realms of reality woven delicately by our characters. And as we turn the last page, we leave behind a unique imprint of ourselves – dusted onto the pages of the book, blending in with the characters – forever engrained into that world as the dust finally settles.

Hola fellow book lovers and ardent readers!

We, at BookThela, are excited to start a blog about books, books and everything related to books!
We understand your struggles of trying to find a balance between the urge to pick up a book quickly and the desire to keep looking to find the perfect book to match your mood. We, like you, sense the longing to keep living in the story long after the last page has been turned – that which forces us to scavenge for fan fictions and theories online – in the hope of hanging on to the world just a little longer. And so, we’ve set out, with our mighty pens and armors in tow, to bring those worlds you reluctantly left behind, back to life for you!

All we ask in return? You help us help you in taking your reading experience to the next level!

Confused? Curious, maybe?

We rely on an age-old secret tool – The Lure of the Second-Hand Prose ­– to make your journey through the world of books extra magical! We handpick books that have traveled beyond the printing press and wooden shelves into the farthest corners of the world – touching old rugs, fluffy pillows, fallen leaves, warm mugs, and dusty cushions – before they make their way to you. They carry within them the faint scent of mysterious strangers who will accompany you on your wild adventures – making your sojourn in that land more memorable!

So, help yourselves to our eccentric collection of exciting adventures awaiting you at while we put our pens and armors to a better use at your service!

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