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Conversation with a romance author

  • By Yours Truly, Thela Wala
  • • Mar 22, 2019

Divya Jain is the author of the romance novel - Love v/s Betrayal. It is a sweet romantic novel about Amyra, her childhood friend Rahul and her business partner Jeff. The book also delves into start-up and in addition has a chapter on Mumbai which also includes a text from 'People Called Mumbai' as the book has very interesting stories about Mumbaikars.  

Here's an interesting conversation with the author:

When did you first realize you wanted to be an author? How has your journey been so far?

After completing my graduation from N M College, I pursued a one year diploma programme in Mass Communication. I was good at creative writing and after a few years of writing for a few publications I decided to write a novel, as I felt I could take another step in my writing career. My years of work at the publications (The Assian Age, The Financial Express) after my course got over have been very insightful and I got to learn from my seniors. It has been a fascinating journey so far and I am excited about my second book which is a continuation of Love v/s Betrayal.

What made you choose Romance as your writing genre? Do you plan to write novels in other categories as well?

As a genre, I feel Romance has a lot of scope and there aren’t many Indian authors who write in this category. I like some of the British and American authors whose writings have inspired me a lot.

I have written Love v/s Betrayal book keeping in mind the teen adult. I enjoy writing romance novels as I feel that there is a higher readership for them as compared with other genres. I plan to write more of these novels, and make my novels stand out by giving a uniqueness to the characters and the plot.

Which character was the most challenging to create? Why?

Amyra’s character was the toughest to create as she is multi-faceted. A beautiful young girl who comes to Mumbai to fulfill her ambition of working in an advertising agency. She is not only a pretty face but has the poise and confidence to make her dreams come true and while she faces many hardships in her life, her family is supportive of her every decision

What factors have to be taken into consideration bedore finalizing the plotof the story?

The timing, place, people, economics emotions - all these matter in arriving at a good plot and also the narrative is equally important so you could get the readers glued to your book. Writing good prose is like art and it could take many years to win accolades from people and also get awarded for your writing.

Do you have a set goal of completing a particular number of words everyday/week?

I mostly write in isolation and the manuscript goes through several stages of rewriting and editing as well. I completed Love v/s Betrayal in two years and I also spent a lot of time finalizing the plot of the story and the characters.

On an average I write 1500-2000 words in a day.  Love v/s Betrayal is a simple and sweet book that is also full of suspense.

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it purely imagination?

The book is purely fiction. However it has a lot of trivia and information about start-ups which have caught the fancy of many. I had done my research before writing about the youth transforming ideas into business. So I got eager to write about a start-up as the sub-plot.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I spend a lot of time reading books by acclaimed and award winning authors and I also do a lot of research that helps me when I’m writing. I enjoy cooking and listening to soft melodious music in my leisure time as it rejuvenates me and is alos a stress-buster.

Top 5 Favourite Romance Authors

  1. Jane Austen,
  2. Sophie Kinsella
  3. Nicholas Sparks
  4. Elif Shafaq
  5. Louisa May Alcott

You can check out the book here: 

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