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In conversation with the author of '2047: the unifier'

  • By Yours Truly, Thela Wala
  • • Mar 17, 2020

Rashmi Trivedi is the author of the Romantic Thriller '2047 - The Unifier' and also has 2 other books to her credit. A science student, an avid reader, writing just happened to her in 2016, because she wanted to share her experiences as a working woman when faced with a challenging situation. Her new novel is about an Indian boy who is in love with a Pakistani girl and the only way he can marry her is if India and Pakistan are united.

Here's an interesting conversation with the author:

When did you first realise that being an author was your calling?

It was by chance that I found my true calling. I was transferred to a new city where I stayed alone for three years as my family could not relocate. During this period I found time for myself and I started writing poems and articles. Encouraged by the good response, I started my blog. I used to travel home every weekend and all my fears that I would not be able to manage my family and work were proved wrong. During this time I met a strong and confident woman - the woman in the mirror.

Therefore I wanted to share my experiences so that other women in similar situations would benefit and they would not make the same mistakes that I did. My first book, ‘Woman, everything will be fine’ happened with this purpose in mind. This is when I found my true calling of being an author.

How did the idea materialize and what pushed you to write a Romantic Thriller?

All my books have been written to convey some message. 2047: The unifier is on a subject that is very close to my heart. It is about love and peace between India and Pakistan. When you want any story to have an impact, it is important to make it thrilling and exciting and hence I thought of writing a thriller.

Which was the most challenging scene to write?

The end scene was most challenging to write as it was the climax and the aim was to make the readers jump out of their chairs! Another challenge was to write a futuristic book when the technology would have changed a lot.  I had to keep in mind to give a futuristic flavor and yet not to make it feel like science fiction.

Give us one fun fact about your book or your journey in writing the book.

The fun fact is that the story revolves in Delhi and being a foodie it features all my favorite restaurants, even if at some places I have not named them. 

Does your book reflect your ideologies or is it purely fiction?

Although it is a fiction novel, it reflects my thinking and ideology. I feel that it is important for an author to write about something that is close to his/her heart. When you write about something you truly believe in, it can never fail to connect with the readers.

Share your thoughts on the creative process involved in writing a book.

Every author has their own way of writing. For me the words just flow when I write. I don’t think of the plot beforehand. Only while writing I get ideas about how the storyline should move.

Who is your favorite author and why?

I have many favorite authors so I really cannot name only one. But Paulo Coelho for his intellectual and philosophical books, Dr. Briain Weiss for his books on past life, Fredrick Forsyth for his thrillers and Chitra Bannerjee for her mythological books with a different perspective are some of them.

What advice would you give aspiring authors in terms of marketing of their books?

First and foremost advice is to write to express and not to impress. When we write with an aim of selling the book, we do not do justice to the creative ‘keeda” that is in us. When we write with the heart, half the battle is won and the books do well.

Having said this, it is important for the authors to have a social media presence and connect with the readers. Also, it helps if you leave this specialized work of marketing to the professionals so that you can concentrate on your writing.

You can check out the book here:

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