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Yours Truly, Thela Wala In Conversation with the Author of '2047: The Unifier' ms.blog_posts/5e70f209ad25d359fd96a98c/5e70eec37a79e45a42619c9f.png
Yours Truly, Thela Wala Conversation with a Romance Author ms.blog_posts/5c94c90e82aa8617a0b19143/5c94c973b5f0e3181f6adbc7.jpg
Yours Truly, Thela Wala In Conversation with the Author of 'Daggers of Treason' ms.blog_posts/5995f383605657f1243e3d0d/59969443ca3e099249ee7ddc.jpg
Yours Truly, Thela Wala Best Picks For Enriching Your Reading Experience ms.blog_posts/595f2f28533902ad69aae23c/595f30ac2b8ecad62c3ca06e.jpg
Yours Truly, Thela Wala A Ride on the Thela to the Book World ms.blog_posts/542122b70e182fee366af0a3/59411f756e3b95af130899e2.jpg


1. Delivery and Shipping

Due to COVID-19, our deliveries are a bit delayed as we are trying to limit exposure of our employees. For now, the orders shipped between 7-1o days after placing the order. As soon as the situation gets better, we will be back to our normal shipping where the prders will be shipped the next day. You will receive the tracking details once the order is shipped from our end. 

2. Do you buy Secondhand Books?

Currently, we do not buy used books from individuals. However, we are open to donations. Drop a line at in case you want to donate your books and the team will get in touch with you. 

3. Can we sell books on the platform?

We do not have the option for you to list and sell the books on our platform as of now. 

4. Books in Bulk

In case of queries regarding purchasing books in bulk, please drop an email at and we will help you with your bulk order requirement.