2 in 1 - N or M? and A Caribbean Mystery
N or M? The Second World War is ravaging the world and in these troubled times, Tommy and Tuppence are feeling sidelined, although they had put in their best efforts while working for the British Intelligence. Now Tommy has been approached to do some sleuthing work but he is to do so without Tuppence. That does not matter to Tuppence, for she joins him in the detective work anyway. Tommy has been asked to search for the German fifth columnists. And the only clue that the two have is the one left by another British agent. The clue is a cryptic message left behind by the agent while on his deathbed (Who killed the agent?). It reads - N or M, Song Susie. It is up to Tommy and Tuppence to make sense of this bizarre message and find out who or what N and M are. Read this book to find out if Tommy and Tuppence prove themselves this time as well. A Caribbean Mystery: Frail Jane Marple, recovering from a bout of pneumonia, is basking in the warm West Indian sunshine. But she isn't as content as she thinks she ought to be. The scenary is beautiful, yet every day seems the same. Then her new acquaintance, Major Palgrave, dies suddenly, and Miss Marple emarks on an investigation of an exotic murder.

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