A Death in Tuscany
Personal clashes with professional for Michele Ferrara in the second book in the series of compelling and authentic Italian police procedurals In the picturesque Tuscan hill town of Scandicci, the body of a girl is discovered, scantily dressed and lying by the edge of the woods. After a week the local police investigating the case havent even identified her, let alone gotten to the bottom of how she died. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara, head of Florences elite Squadra Mobile, decides to step in. Because toxins were discovered in the girls body, many assumed that she died of a self-inflicted drugs overdose, but Ferrara quickly realizes that the truth is darker than that: he believes that the girl was murdered. When he delves deeper, there are many aspects to the case that convince Ferrara that the girls death is part of a sinister conspiracy—a conspiracy that has its roots in the very foundations of Tuscan society.

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