A ship of many oars
A ship of Many Oars is a collection of nine short stories, woven on the tapestry of Indian quirks, delinquent nobility, and galloping suspense! The stories meander over the ghost infested hills of Kumaon, thru the Machiavellian minds of big time robbers and into the ravines of Bundelkhand, where Rani Laxmibai rides with Damodar Rao strapped to her back. You will get to meet the Nawab of Bilaul celebrating his declining status with his eccentric, but affble friend, Zamindar Biltoo Khan - and march with the 147th Brigade of the British Indian Army into the disease ridden jungles of war time Burma! Justice and Fate are fickle friends, as you shall find in the cells of Fatenpur Central Jail! 

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