Carnage by Angels
Carnage by Angels is an engrossing novel which exposes the dark and secret side of the Indian police force and the administration system at large, through the eyes of its protagonist Raghu Kumar. As a trainee officer with the Indian Police Service, Raghu Kumar makes a disturbing discovery about the extent of corruption and greed that has penetrated the Indian police system. He vows not to become a part of the system and be a party to the bribes, favours and other malpractices happening around him. As he tries to stick to his convictions and principles, he realises that the very people who have been appointed to look after the countrys citizens, are the perpetrators of the worst crimes and heinous offences. He discovers that the rot in the system is supported by a nexus between the politicians, the police, the bureaucrats, the power brokers, the media, and the underworld. The novel follows his efforts to expose this connection, the price he pays for it, and his efforts to save himself from being sucked into this world of deceit, bribery, corruption and power play. The book is an honest and bold look at the evils that plague the Indian police and administrative systems and gives an insiders account of what really happens behind their closed doors. It raises a number of pertinent questions regarding the workings of these power wielding authorities, as well as the elaborate cover-ups for their wrongdoings.

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