Of all the continents, Asia is the gayest. Deep down, you've probably had your suspicions all along and I'm here to tell you those suspicions are correct.' So begins Gaysia, Benjamin Law's wildly witty investigation of gay life in the biggest continent. We follow him as he takes an in-depth look at resorts for gay nudists in Bali, transsexualism and three formal genders in Thailand, China's underground gay resistance, Japan and the most breathtakingly messed-up porn' religious fundamentalists of all persuasions keen on 'curing' homosexuality in Malaysia, sex workers and the spread of HIV in Myanmar and the decriminalization of homosexuality, gay pride parades and encounters with gay royalty and a popular spiritual guru in India. Hilarious, perceptive and poignant, Gaysia is a refreshing look at an aspect of Asia that has gone ignored too long.

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