Gods, Kings and Slaves
The story of Gods, Kings & Slaves: The Siege Of Madurai is set in the fourteenth century, in peninsular India. Madurai is the key setting here, from where Crown Prince Veera Pandyan is poised to rule. The possibility of a war looms in the near future, with the Pandyan Empire being at the peak of its success. The empire is currently at peace, with the crown prince's step-brother Sundar, being deprived of a place on the throne. However, things look like they are about to change, with many deep cracks beginning to appear in the kingdom. The story then goes all the way to Delhi, where Malik Kafur, Sultan Alauddin Khilji's general, has his gaze fixed on the riches of the south. This general, a eunuch who was captured as a slave by the Khiljis, might yet prove to be the biggest danger for the south.None of the kingdoms so far, have been able to withstand the cunningness of Malik Kafur, which is what makes him a severe threat to the south. What the future will see is bloodshed, war, slaves ruling, destruction and revenge. Whoever wins this battle is destined to win a place in the pages of history, for all eternity.

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