Inside the C-Suite
In the corporate world, one question that's often asked is, 'What does it take to reach the top and stay there?' Be it the fancy MBA in a hurry to get to the top or the hard-working manager slogging for years or the sycophant who flatters his way up the corporate ladder, the C-suite is the ultimate aspiration for everyone. Taking you right inside the C-suite, Jayaram Easwaran presents twenty-one stories based on real incidents during his three-decade career. Each story has a message that addresses the most pertinent problem of our work lives. Stories about the dilemma of being virtuous when the stakes are high, the pitfalls of judging a book by its cover, the dangers of blind ambition, ego squabbles among top brass and many others make this book a treasure-trove of wisdom. This is a book that will help you get your way in business and life.

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