Memories of Fire

Memories of Fire is the compelling story of five childhood friends meeting after a gap of fifty-four years. They embark on a journey into the past, laden with nostalgia and humour, and encompassing all the ugly and wonderful things life has to offer. Inspired by true events and interspersed with the dark contemporary history of India and Pakistan, Ashok Chopra has created remarkably realistic characters who tackle prejudice, prestige, privilege and even prison head-on. He skillfully weaves together five storylines as the friends move in and out of each other's lives. The result is a defining voyage through life, one that queries tough choices and the price one is willing to pay for them. It also asks the epic questions: What makes for happiness? Why do people make certain choices and not others? And why do men and women willingly make tremendous sacrifices for those they love?Ashok Chopra has created an authentic, densely peopled universe with a distinctive period charm. Memories of Fire is a vast, colourful, emotional, political and social journey, with a cast of characters who are interesting, sympathetic and lifelike.'A simple, gripping tale which unfolds across a turbulent period of modern Indian history. The strength of this novel lies in its fascinating mix of complex characters. Through expressive dialogue and eloquent description, Chopra takes his readers on a memorable journey across terrain that is both familiar and surprising'-Shashi Tharoor, MP and author'I really enjoyed Ashok Chopra's memoirs and I look forward very much to reading his first venture into fiction'-Vikram Seth, author


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