Never Surrender

This is a Rags to Riches story of a common man- details how the author started from scratch and went on to win several International Awards for his historical fiction novel 'Daggers of Treason.' It is a motivational books that shows the author's journey of Life. 

This is not the PR concocted story of a celebrity…
It is the story of You and Me… of every fellow human, who drowns and then resurfaces in
the swells of Life’s ocean.
It is the true story of the author – of his triumphs and travails, the unrelenting cycle of crisis
and defeat, of resurrection.
At times funny, this book is an inspiring eulogy to Hope and Courage, and to the dauntless
spirit which resides within each one of us.
Read this book to flip through the harsh realities of Life, and to enjoy it’s different flavours
and countless hues.
Be inspired, laugh and cry…


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