New Moon

The book, 'New Moon: 2 (Twilight Saga) is the second novel in the book series, 'Twilight saga. Authored by Stephenie Meyer, this book series presents a unique love story that goes beyond all conventional aspects and portrays a bond that is eternal. The story revolves around Bella Swan and her relationship with the vampire Edward Cullen. This book received widespread appreciation and was one of the biggest selling paperback of 2008 - 2009 in Young Adult category. It was also translated in more than 38 languages. A film adaptation based on this book was also released. Things are in good taste at the beginning of the novel and Bella is enjoying her life to the fullest. However, things start unravelling on her 18th birthday when her birthday party is turned into a battle. The party is organized by Edward Cullen which is attended by several family guests. When Bella tries to unwrap a gift, she manages to gets a paper cut and the smell of her blood triggers Jasper (Edwards adopted brother) as he tries to attack Bella. However, Edward steps in between and protects Bella. But he makes a shocking revelation that stuns Bella and brings her world crashing down. He tells Bella that he doesnt love her anymore and leaves her. Bella is heartbroken and completely ruined. Another twist unfolds when Edward believes that Bella has lost her life by falling off a cliff. But will they ever meet again?


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