Nickleby is Charles Dickens third published novel. He returned to his favorite publishers & to the format that was considered so successful with The Pickwick Papers . The story first appeared in monthly parts, after which it was issued in one volume. The style is considered to be episodic & humorous. Dickens began writing Nickleby while still working on Oliver Twist & while the mood is considerably lighter, his depiction of the Yorkshire school run by Wackford Squeers is as moving & influential as those of the workhouse & criminal underclass in Twist. Nickleby marks a new development in a further sense as it is the first of Dickens romances. When it was published the book was an immediate & complete success and established Dickenss lasting reputation. The cruelty of a real Yorkshire schoolmaster named William Shaw became the basis for Dickenss brutal character of Wackford Squeers. Dickens visited his school & based the school section of Nicholas Nickleby on his visit.


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