Former CIA Agent Jack Morgan is given the responsibility of taking over as the owner of an investigation company, Private, that was owned by his father, who succumbs to death in prison. Jack reconditions the investigation firm with the riches left by his father and establishes its branches around the globe. The firm is equipped with the most advanced forensic technologies to aid in crime investigation. Jack has three cases to deal with- a multimillion dollar NFL gambling scandal which is commissioned by Jack's uncle because he suspects the involvement of Organised Crime in the scam, a second case that involves the serial killings of eighteen innocent school girls with no leads to the monstrous murderer and his motives and the third case, which is a personal commitment to track the killer who murdered the beloved wife of a dear friend. She was also Jack's sweetheart in the past. With obstacles and issues constantly popping up, Jack has to concentrate on his investigations and leave behind his personal losses and guilt.


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