Remembrance Day
Lest we forget! A poignant new tale from the English Maeve Binchy. As a new millennium dawns, 100-year-old Selma Bartley alone knows the secret behind a Yorkshire villages refusal to honour its war dead. One summers day in 1913, a brush with tragedy irrevocably binds the fates of two families forever. A year later, and West Sharland sends its men off to fight, leaving blacksmiths daughter Selma Bartley to manage the family business - and her blossoming feelings for aristocrat Guy Cantrell. Their friendship tests social convention - but will also have unimaginable consequences before the War is over. When Guy is wounded in battle, his identical twin Angus - desperate for battlefield action but medically unfit - takes his place, unbeknownst to his brother. But, bitterly unprepared for war, Anguss actions result in catastrophe for the Bartley family, hundreds of miles away in West Sharland. Overnight, the village turns against the Bartleys and urged on by her distraught parents, Selma is forced to make a new life in America. Deeply ashamed at his brothers actions, Guy adopts a new identity, eventually arriving in Pennsylvania where he finds the peace that has previously eluded him. But years later, with war again on the horizon, secrets are resurrected, reuniting Selma and Guy - and the names of the dead must be uttered once more! A mesmerising tale about how a landmark moment in history affected the lives of so many, guaranteed to capture the heart of all those who loved The Island and The House at Riverton.

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