Spain by the Horns
When Tim Elliot heard about Jesulin, a talented young Adonis dubbed "the Beckham of bullfighting", he knew he had to meet him.' It all began when Tim read a newspaper story about a bullfighter who was spotted practising on the beach at dawn. Intrigued, Tim tracked him down, looking for an interview, but instead he was told about another bullfighter in Spain, Jesulin, a man described as "perhaps one of the most controversial and ridiculously over the top characters you're likely to meet." Disillusioned with his current life and job, Tim went to Spain to find him. Criss-crossing a country synonymous with flamboyance, passion, spontaneity and adventure, Tim finds himself in a world of ancient ritual and eccentric characters, on a quixotic quest through a land where no one is ever on time but where every vibrant second oozes with the promise of heat and excitement. The famous bullfighter, who filled arenas with adoring women, surely held the key to the heart of this fiery nation. Funny, fast-paced and revealing, "Spain by the Horns" takes you below the surface of a nation on a journey to the heart of a culture.

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