The Colours Of Love
Can love survive when all is lost? England is at war, but nothing can dim land girl Esther Wynfords happiness at marrying the love of her life fighter pilot Monty Grant. Their short honeymoon results in a baby, but on the birth of her daughter, Joy, Esthers world falls apart. Esthers dying mother confesses to a dark secret that she has kept to herself for 20 years: Esther is not her natural daughter but the result of an exchange of babies after her own child was stillborn. Esthers real mother was being forced to give up her baby to an orphanage by her furious family, who were incensed about the unsuitability of their daughters lover, and Joys birth makes the reason clear. Harshly rejected by Monty, and with the man Esther believed was her father breathing fire and damnation, she takes her precious baby and leaves everything and everyone shes ever known, determined to fend for herself and her child. But her fight is just beginning.

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