The Dogs of War

 The Dogs Of War is based on a small fictional African republic, where the presence of platinum deposits have been found out. This makes a British company plan to overthrow the government by using a team of mercenaries. The mercenaries are professional killers, and cold-blooded men. The plot starts off with Shannon, and his mercenaries being sent back after they lost a West African war. In the meantime, a prospector called Mulrooney sends certain mineral samples from a mystical mountain to a British-based company called Manson Consolidated. British mining tycoon Sir James Manson analyses these samples to find that there is a huge amount of Platinum in Zangaro, from where the mineral deposits were exported. Manson begins to make plans of replacing the current president in Zangaro with a puppet leader, who would sign off the mining rights to a shell company, which was owned by Manson himself. This would result in Mason pocketing 60 million pounds. For the majority of this book, the readers are provided insight into the working of mercenaries, as they carefully plan, and execute their agenda. Are the mercenaries successful in their escapades? Like any other book by Forsyth, The Dogs Of War is packed with twists, and suspense, which will keep the readers glued. This war novel has also been adapted into a movie by the same name, and was directed by John Irvin. The movie was released in 1980, and was filmed in Belize.


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