The Job
Douglas Kennedys outstanding new novel, THE JOB, is a thrilling page-turner involving downsizing, blackmail and murder in the Manhattan business world. Ned Allen is young, smart, and upwardly mobile. Several years into his career as an ad salesman for a successful computer magazine, Neds finally left his small-town roots behind, and is certain that the sophisticated Manhattan world he covets is his forever. His wife Lizzie is also a rising star of a prestigious PR firm. It seems that Neds made it. forced to make some tough calls, among them a question of ethics and the small matter of whether to lie to his wife - and when the tough calls just keep getting tougher he finds himself on the brink of losing everything ... Cautionary tale, compelling thriller, portrait of a man on the edge, Douglas Kennedys THE JOB is a ruthlessly entertaining exploration of the fragility of modern life and the depths well go to in our quest to preserve it.

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