Who wants to be an Aberdonian?

We know the subject of money is close to the heart of every true Aberdonian but...sorry, no, we can't actually offer you the chance to win a million pounds! However, what we can offer is hours of fun and the opportunity to amaze your friends and family with your knowledge of the beautiful Granite City. - In which year did the first North Sea oil come ashore? - Do you know what the world's largest inhabited granite building is? - Who scored the Aberdeen's winning goal against the mighty Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983? - Can you name the famous Aberdonian songstress who teamed up with Dave Stewart to form the Eurythmics? Did you answer these questions correctly? Who Wants to be an Aberdonian? is crammed with another 496 similar questions on subjects as diverse as fitba' and flooers. So git yer thinking bunnet on and see how many of them you can get right without the help of meaningful coughs!


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