Zulu Hart
For fans of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwells Sharpe series, this masterful Victorian adventure set in the Zulu wars in South Africa introduces George Hart—part British, part Zulu, all warrior George Hart was always an outsider. Bullied at school for his suspiciously dark skin and lack of a father, Hart soon learns to fight—and win. At 18, his world is shaken by his mothers revelation that he is the bastard son of an important general in the British Army, who is willing to give him a vast inheritance—provided he can prove himself worthy of the prize. At a time when racism and prejudice are rife, and an impeccable background is vital to acceptance in Victorian society, Hart struggles to come to terms with his identity, and, leaving the army, he decides to head to South Africa, and a fresh start. But George Hart has soldiering in his blood, and once in Africa the urge to rejoin the army is strong. Ready for battle but hoping for peace, Hart is caught between two fierce and unyielding forces as Britain heads for war with the Zulus. Hart must make a choice—and fight for his life.

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